Friday, March 30, 2012

Who's On First

There are less than 4 days until the release of the 1940 census!!! There is substantial work to be accomplished by FamilySearch to prepare the images for indexing. This first batches will be available sometime in the afternoon on April 2. But which states will be the first to beavailable for indexing? A little birdie told me that there will be five states available to download for indexing by 7 p.m. (Arizona time) on Monday, April 2: Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon, and Virginia. If one of those states is the one you are most interested in, you are in luck.

But if you want a different state, don’t despair. All 50 states will be available within 10 days of the initial launch.

If you haven’t registered as an indexer yet, go to and click on the red “Download the Indexing Software” button at the bottom. Install the software, create a FamilySearch account with “Pima County Genealogy Society” as your Group, take the tutorial, and start indexing! If you already have a FamilySearch account, you can align yourself with us by following these steps:
1.      Go to
2.      Sign In with your FamilySearch account (top right of your browser window)
3.      Click on “My Info” (top right of your browser window)
4.      Click on the Edit button
5.      Under the Additional Indexing Information section, select “Group or Society” in the Local Support Level field
6.      Select “Pima County Genealogy Society” in the Group field
7.      Click the Save button

Or you can email our group administrator at with your FamilySearch User Name (NOT password) and she can move you into the group.

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