Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This week's indexing contest

This week's contest has been posted on the 1940 Census Blog Weekly Contest page. 

This week only those indexers in the top ten percent of volume indexed and who have 90% accuracy will qualify for the contest.  Three winners will be chosen at random from the top ten percent of indexers as of Sunday, April 22.  One lucky winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and two lucky winners will receive a $50.00 Amazon gift card!
What is the bar you have to reach to make the top 10%? Today's 1940 Census Blog post "Are You in the Top 10%?" says that as of today:
The number of records indexed to be in the top 10% of volume ranges from 440 records (or lines of data on the census) to 4,760 records. So, as of today, if you have indexed over 440 records with 90% or more accuracy, you are qualified for the contest!
But be aware that those numbers are likely to change. You have until Sunday, April 22 to reach that top 10%.

How do you know how many records you have indexed and what your accuracy is? The easiest way to check is from your "My Work" screen in the indexing program.
  1. Launch the Indexing program and log in. 
  2. To find out how many records you have indexed, click on the “My History” tab from the "My Work" screen. Click on the “Names Submitted” button in that tab. This will list all projects you have indexed and give you the number of names in that project that you have indexed for the month and a total since you have started indexing.
  3. To find out how accurate you are, click on the "Arbitration Results" tab. The average percentage agreement for projects you have completed within the last 90 days will be displayed. As an added bonus, you can click on the "Review Batches" button to see what the arbitrator disagreed with. This is a tool to help you learn from mistakes and increase your future accuracy.

 Keep on Indexing!

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