Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Tree's "101 Best Genealogy Websites"

Family Tree Magazine had announced their "101 Best Genealogy Websites".  You can access their list here at 101 Best.  Categories include:
Best Big Websites
Best Websites to Find and Share Family Tree Data Online
Best Old Map and Photo Websites for Genealogy
Best Websites for Genealogy in the USA
Best Websites for Genealogy in New England and the Eastern United States
Best Websites for Midwestern US Genealogy
Best Websites for Western US Genealogy
Best  Websites for Genealogy in Canada
Best Websites for UK and Irish Genealogy
Best Websites for Genealogy in Europe
Best Websites for Genealogy Research in Military Records
Best Websites for Getting Genealogy News

Let us know if your favorite is listed or if you have found a "new" favorite on the list.

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