Monday, December 17, 2012

Green Valley Genealogy Society December Meeting

December 20, 2012  Green Valley Genealogical Society, 1 PM to 3 PM at the St. Francis in the Valley Episcopal Church, 600 S. La Cañada Dr., Green Valley.  
Clarice Bird:  Understanding and Locating the Law in Family History Research 
Knowing the laws at a particular time in a particular place can help you solve genealogical problems.  For instance, if you find a guardianship record and know at what age a child could choose his own guardian, you can estimate a birth date.  But how do you know what the law was?  This presentation will help you learn how to find out, and present examples of how knowing the law helped in genealogical research. 
Clarice Bird grew up in Southeast Texas.  She moved around a bit before settling in Sahuarita, Arizona 22 years ago.  A graduate of Brigham Young University, Clarice is the director of the Sahuarita Family History Center.  She is the editor of Past Tracks, the newsletter of The Green Valley Genealogical Society.  Clarice has given speeches and taught classes on genealogical topics in Lake Havasu City, Saddlebrooke, Casa Grande, Tucson, and Green Valley. 
Short Program:  Show and Tell – Family Treasures.  Do you have a family item passed down in your family that you would like to share with us?  Pictures?  Clothing?  Military medals?  Please send JoAnn Herbst ( a brief description of your treasured heirloom.  Three treasures will be selected for the owners to share their story.  All treasures will be on display during the break.  
Free and visitors are welcome.  Contact JoAnn Herbst for more information or go to our web page. 
The GVGS February Genealogy Seminar features J. H. Fonkert.   Information is posted at   Please note that participation is limited to 100, and registration must by received by February 8.

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