Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Genealogy Book Club, You Say?

Why, yes! Sort of. PCGS is starting a new SIG the purpose of which is to improve our genealogy research skills. This group will choose a genealogy book, like Professional Genealogist or Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy for example, to study a chapter or two at a time. There will probably be some homework and the SIG will meet to discuss the assignments. When one book is finished, the group will choose another to study.

Meetings will be held every other month at a day, time, and place agreed to by the participants. A planning and organizational meeting will be scheduled to come to a consensus of the meeting day/time and to choose the first book to study. Please fill out a form if you are interested in joining this group and you will be contacted with the details of the planning meeting. The interest form is located at

The deadline for sending the interest form is April 30th. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve on your research skills in a friendly and fun environment–mail your completed interest form in today!


  1. How about "Professional Genealogy" by Elizabeth Shown Mills? It's a standard for those going into the profession.

    1. That is certainly on the list and if we don't do it as our first book, we will definitely get to it later!