Friday, June 20, 2014

Got DNA? New blog to help you understand DNA and Genealogy

Visit How-ToDNA at  for information on:   

  • How to interpret your DNA test results
  • How to use a chromosome browser
  • How to use free third-party tools like GEDmatch
  • How to do so much more!
How-To DNA will also provide links to the latest videos, podcasts, and other instructional material created by DNA experts. As an example, listen to this terrific podcast with CeCe Moore being interviewed by The Genealogy Guys and get the latest scoop on CeCe’s involvement with Finding Your Roots! And if you weren’t able to attend the SCGS Jamboree, you can listen to Maurice Gleeson’s incredible talk about DNA and Irish Genealogy.
With How-To DNA, you can finally figure out how to add DNA to your research!
above information taken from the website

About To DNA

How To DNA is the world's first multimedia blog for genealogists exploring the world of DNA! 

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