Friday, March 11, 2016

March 12 is Genealogy Day!

Back in 2013, Christ Church Limerick and Irish Ancestry Research Centre (IARC) declared the second Saturday in March as Genealogy Day. During this one day event, the public was given free access to church registers from many denominations and family history research advice from various history and genealogical societies.

Given the origin of Genealogy Day, celebrating it in the month of March is fitting since the U.S. President declared March as Irish-American Heritage month. One can argue that to a genealogist, every day is Genealogy Day. But this gives us an excuse to cater to our desires. Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate National Genealogy Day:

  • Start a blog. The most popular free blogging platforms are Google's Blogger and Wordpress. Both have a very short learning curve and are easy to use. Basically, if you can use a word processing program, you can have a blog.
  • Write a story about one of your ancestors. The story is the best part of family history. And the story is what will keep your children and grandchildren interested in their roots.
  • Publish your tree online. Creating an online tree will allow others that are researching your lines find you and opens the doors for collaboration. There are many websites that will host your family tree for free. They include (in no particular order):
  • Add a story or picture to your FamilySearch Family Tree.
  • Spend the day at the local Family History Center. These are staffed with enthusiastic volunteers just waiting to help you find your ancestors. If you live in Tucson, there are two FHCs open on Saturdays: 500 S. Langley Ave. (open 10am-5pm), and 3530 W. Magee Rd. (open 9am-1pm). Or go to Find a Family History Center and type in your city and state to find the closest FHC to you.
  • Help someone else start their journey into the wonderful world of family history research.

The activities you can do to celebrate Genealogy Day is endless. Tell us in the comments what you plan to do this day.

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