Friday, July 13, 2012

Join us in building an amazing Facebook Album!!

We need your help in collecting photos of roadside memorials in and around Pima County.  It's as easy as snapping a photo of the roadside memorials you may pass every day.  

If you would like to submit your photo(s) the requirements are:
Memorial must have at least one name
Dates on memorial (if present)
Location: Short directions or GPS coordinates
Who gets credit for taking the photo
Date photo was taken
Optional: Any additional pertinent information as necessary
JPEG format is preferred

Send your photo(s) to with the subject line "PCGS - Roadside Memorials Project"

Photos become the property of PCGS.  
Memorials with no names will be rejected.  Sorry, we need at least a first name or a last name.
Please use judgement when taking photos.  If it's not safe to stop, don't!!  Remember, we don't want you to be the next memorial!


  1. Are you loking for the memorials for people who have died at a particular spot? OR...are you looking for historical info?

  2. TucsonJane,
    We are not looking for memorials from a particular sport or historical information. We are collecting photos of roadside memorials.

    Please see
    for what PCGS is putting together.