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Two + Two = One Dream Weekend

Two presenters for two days make for a Genealogist's Dream Weekend!

There are still seats available for the Fall Workshop and Seminar featuring Pamela Boyd Sayre and Richard G. Sayre. And the registration deadline has been extended to October 31.

Pamela Boyd Sayre and Richard G. Sayre
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The weekend opens on Friday, November 4 for a 2-hour workshop on Maps! Wonderful Maps!
"Maps enable genealogists to understand more about an ancestor's migration, community, and occupation. In this two-hour hands-on workshop, students will learn about traditional and online resources for finding historical, topographical, birds-eye view, and other maps, how to interpret the maps’ symbols and notations, and how to correlate other information with map data to place an ancestor in time and place.
"In on-line demonstrations, students will see some of the myriad sites for finding and downloading appropriate maps. For hands-on exercises, students will be provided with hard copies of maps, documents, and other tools to be used in correlating deeds, censuses, newspaper articles, or other documents with maps to solve genealogical problems using various kinds of maps, from deed plats to land ownership maps to panoramic maps. Demonstrations and exercises will include a mix of rural and urban problems and solutions." (Sayre & Sayre Lecture Topics,
Image Source: Ryde District Historical Society

The all day seminar will be presented the following day, Saturday, November 5. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. and running until 4:00 p.m., topics presented are:
  • Enough is Enough. Or Is It? : "Tips and a step-by-step case study help attendees learn how to decide when adequate research has been conducted to meet the goals of a project. This session covers determining what other sources might be available, analyzing, and organizing research to ensure that a reasonably exhaustive search has been conducted." (Lecture Topics,
  • Apps Galore for a Genealogist : "Learn about some of the many iPhone or iPad applications that will increase productivity for a genealogist. In this two-hour session, the speakers will discuss and demonstrate applications for the iPhone (or other smartphone) and iPad, from eBooks to genealogy programs to deed-platting to GoogleEarth, and beyond that to apps that help organize our busy lives—from accounting to contact management to file sharing. Live demonstrations from the iPhone and iPad will be shown on the projector, enabling attendees to see the usefulness of these apps for themselves." (Lecture Topics,
  • Capital Treasures : "This presentation features four brief case studies that demonstrate the wealth of records that can be found in the Washington, DC area or on websites of repositories such as the National Archives, Library of Congress, Bureau of Land Management General Land Office, National Park Service, and Civil War Trust. Cases show how to find records of birth, marriage, and death for a burned county in which all such records were destroyed; how to learn how a Civil War veteran was shot to death in his old age; how to locate detailed facts about a person’s life from a simple land record; and why numbers of Union Civil War soldiers are buried at a site far from where they fell." (Lecture Topics,
    Burning of Del Norte County Courthouse, Crescent City, CA
    Image Source: David Berry (
  • The Civil War-A Valuable Genealogical Resource : "More than 3 million men fought in the Civil War (2,213,363 Union and 1,050,000 Confederate). The eligible military population (ages 18–45) in the 1860 census was about 4.5 million men. When compared to other eighteenth-and nineteenth-century wars the greatest probability of a military-aged individual serving is in the Civil War. The enormous quantity of extant records combined with the broad scope of the war make this event a unique and extraordinarily rich genealogical resource." (Lecture Topics,

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    The Saturday seminar includes lunch. Vendors and book sales will be present and some very nice door prizes will be awarded to some lucky winners!

    If you have never heard these wonderful presenters speak, you are really missing out. The Sayres are both Certified Genealogists (CG), Certified Genealogical Lecturers (CGL) and Fellows of the Utah Genealogical Association (FUGA). They both have recently broadcast webinars for the Board for Certification of Genealogy (BCG); Richard's topic was Finding Evidence of Kinship in Military Records and Pamela's was Enough is Enough. Or Is It? Visit Family Tree Webinars at to get a preview of those presentations and to see for yourself what wonderful presenters they are.

    Both the workshop and seminar will be held at the La Quinta Inn & Suites - Reid Park, 102 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ. Out of town guests (or anyone not wishing to drive home after the seminar) may book a room at the hotel for a reduced nightly rate.

    Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from two of the best presenters the genealogy community has to offer. Hop on over to the PCGS 2016 Workshop-Seminar webpage at for details and registration.

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