Sunday, August 21, 2011

Free Seminars!

The latest thing in genealogy are webinars: attendees view from their own homes on their own computers over the internet. You get the advantage of professional level instruction without the costs. Many genealogy software companies offer this service for free. Most of them are focused on providing tips for using their own programs, but they also offer some classes on topics that are of interest to all genealogists no matter the tools they use for recording their research.

One such company is Legacy Family Tree. Not only do they offer a wide range of topics for free, but they retain the recording of their webinars in their archives for at least 10 days (sometimes forever) at After the 10 days, you will have to purchase a CD of the webinar if you wish to view it. However, the Langley Family History Center is purchasing some of the webinars and are making them available to the public.

The archives currently holds the following webinars:
·        Newspapers for Genealogist. This is an excellent presentation of’s features and tips for searching their collection of newspapers. requires a subscription to use, but it is available for free at the Family History Center. There is no expiration date listed for this webinar at this time.
·        Google+ the Next Big Thing. This webinar explains how to use the exciting new social networking product Google+. Did you know that you can have a video call with up to 10 people at once? Imagine how fun that would be to get nine of your relatives on a video call, or even to hold one of the SIGs that the PCGS is starting up! Someone living in Oro Valley could attend a user’s group meeting hosted by someone living in Vail. And you wouldn’t even have to worry about parking or driving at night or the high cost of gas! This webinar will be available in the archives until August 25.
·        Organizing for Success. Karen Clifford shares some tips on how to keep your paper records organized so that you can gets your hands on any document within minutes. This webinar is available indefinitely.
·        The Power of DNA. An interesting discussion of using DNA in your family history research. Available indefinitely in the archives.
·        There are several other webinars that are available indefinitely. Just scroll down the page to see the list and click on the “Watch Now” button.

Another company that offers free webinars is Rootsmagic. Rootsmagic makes their webinars available indefinitely on their website at Besides webinars on using Rootsmagic, there are two very good ones on Google Search Tips and Tricks and on Google Earth for Genealogy, both by Lisa Louise Cooks of Genealogy Gems Podcast.

Finally, currently houses many video tutorials and slide presentations at all skill levels covering several countries and almost every genealogical topic. Many of the video tutorials are live presentations to genealogy societies that were filmed and donated for the website. These are not technically webinars, but they are very instructional. These tutorials can be found at

Contributed by Sherri Hessick

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  1. I participated in the Organizing for Success webinar and found it very informative. I put into place some of the suggestions using binders.