Thursday, August 25, 2011


A group of experienced genealogists have volunteered their time to be mentors for beginners.  Some of our mentors are or have been staff members at both Family History Centers. Since family research encompasses all of the states and foreign countries, no one mentor will have knowledge or experience in the area you may be looking.  Each mentor has a list of those geographic or specialization areas of the other mentors so if they cannot help you they can put you in contact with a mentor who can.  Al Seames, the mentor coordinator will be able to put you in contact with a suitable mentor for your special needs.
Several mentors will be waiting to greet you as you arrive at a monthly meeting and be standing near the exit as you leave.  Look for their red badges that signify they are a mentor.

PCGS has members and friends spread over a wide geographic area, not all mentors will be available to meets people that are a great distance from them.

To be matched with a mentor or to volunteer to be a mentor, e-mail Al Seames at

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