Monday, September 19, 2011

September Program Follow-ups

One of our Saturday speaker's, Pam Ingermanson,  forwarded this article by Leland Meitzler regarding indexing.  Leland Meitzler writes the genealogyblog blog and is the owner of Family Roots Publishing Co. He used to own Heritage Quest and was editor of Heritage Quest Magazine and Everton Magazine.

Thank you Pam for the follow up and putting on such an informative presentation on FamilySearch.  

Jodie Strait-Shutts also presented a program about  using a research log.  I hope everyone considers using a research log to keep track of their positive and negative research.  Thank you Jodi!

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  1. Jodi.... I was surfing and found this post. I am losing control and think a log would help. Do you have a recommendd best type of log. Particulatly need help with logging hunches that I know are good but I cant prove yet... Bill