Monday, March 12, 2012

March 17th monthly meeting - 1940's Census and Finding the Living

1:15 to 2:00 p.m.The 1940 Census Is Coming In 13 Days - Sherri Hessick and Pam Ingermanson
2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Hunting The Living-Finding Your Relatives, Classmates, Old Flames - Amy Urman

University Of Arizona Medical Center 1501 North Campbell Avenue, Room 2117

The March meeting is going to be really fun, especially if we all dress up a little like the 1940s. I promised I would send some examples. Here are some links of websites with pictures of clothing, hairstyles, hats, etc. for both men and women in the 1940s. I didn’t bother with shoes since that would be a little more difficult to come up with without spending a bunch of money.

I sorted the links by the type of item (i.e. clothing, hair, etc.) with a little explanation of what it holds. At the bottom, I provided the links again, but just the links, and sorted by gender, mostly so the men won’t have to weed through the verbiage about the women’s styles and vice-versa.

There are also tons of Youtube videos on how to fix the hair (both men and women) and more of the clothing, etc. You can always Google it and see what you come up with in addition to all the below.

Women wore below the knee, flared skirts and shoulder pads. Leg makeup and line drawn down the back of the leg to simulate the seam. See Patterns and Images from 1940-1949

Men wore suits or military uniforms. Seems they still wore the zoot suit in early 1940s, carried over from 1930s, but also pin-stripe suits. Here are some examples: There’s an article about mens fashion in the 1940s here

Here is another website that has mostly women, but also some men, fashions from the 1940s. It also has examples of women’s trousers…high waisted and very full legs with cuffs.

Women’s hair is parted on the side and curly. Seems to be pulled back and bobby-pinned on one side. See 1940s hairstyles

Men’s hair is slicked back and parted on the side. Or they had crew cuts or flat tops since the war began. See
Men also had pompadours with their slicked back hair. Here is a website with instructions on how to do it.

Women wore hats, lots of hats! This website has some examples of hats and hairstyles in the 40s: They also wore crocheted snoods. See And for a really casual look, they wore bandanas like Rosie Riveter. Instructions for how to tie a bandana 1940s style is here

Men also wore hats, mostly wide-brimmed fedoras. And, of course, they also had a pipe.

Red lipstick and nail polish that matched your clothes. They put a little “bow” at the tips of the mouth with the lipstick. Good examples are at  and the Vintage Make-up Guide



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