Monday, April 16, 2012

1940 US Census Project Updates and Training

We as a community are making a lot of progress on the 1940 US census -- over 17 million names have been indexed and the Pima County Genealogy Society has indexed nearly 16,000 names since it launched on April 2nd !   Well Done!

The instructions for indexing the 1940 census are changing rapidly. As FamilySearch Support discovers common errors or encounters frequent questions, the project instructions are updated to provide clarification and more details. Please check the project updates at least weekly, if not each day as you begin to index. The updates are located at,_Project_Updates. There is also link to a presentation on how to index the 1940 census on this page. That presentation gives a lot of screen shots and good information that will help your indexing efforts. Also, the Additional Helps tab has a link to a List of US Counties and Cities which is very helpful for the 1935 Residence fields.

FamilySearch is airing some training webinars Wednesday nights this month on “Tips & Tricks for Indexing the 1940 Census.” The webinars begin at 5:00 p.m. Arizona time. The schedule and links to attend the webinar is located at No pre-registration is required, but it is recommended that first time users run the Browser Test on the bottom of the webpage.

If you haven't started indexing yet, you can begin by going to, download the Indexing Software, and register for a FamilySearch account. If you enter "Pima County Genealogy Society" in your Group (you must first select "Group or Society" in the Local Support Level field), you will be automatically opted-in for the weekly contests and be eligible to be entered in the drawings for prizes. Last week's prize was an iPad! You can get more details on the weekly contests from the 1940 Census Blog Games and Prizes page. The weekly contest is posted each Monday or Tuesday in the Contest/Games category of the blog.

Keep on Indexing!
Photo courtesy of U.S. Census Bureau:

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