Tuesday, January 24, 2012

French Translation - Geneabloggers Rock!!!!!

On November 28, 2100 one of our members posted the following:

One of our society members is looking for assistance to translate French in old (1900) handwriting. We all know how "maddening" it is to have a source and not be able to read it.  Attached below is a sample of the material that needs translation:

Fellow Geneablogger Susan Fenn sent in the following translation:

Dear and venerable parents,

The 50 years spent in the midst of a family which was the object of your care, that you love, and to which you were always the most noble of examples, have been very short, since already time, which passes so quickly, is   leaving almost imperceptible traces.

But we, we who are your children, we who have the memories of the heart, we who have known your generous devotion, know well that these years passed in work and in the inevitable difficulties of life, which we do not doubt ...

Thank you Susan!

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  1. If you have translation questions, you can join, for FREE, the research forums on the familysearch.org website. You choose the area of the world that matches the language. You can post a query about needing help along with the image of the page. Others will see it and respond. I received help, a couple of times, with Norwegian church records within a few hours!